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The Thing on the Doorstep - illustration for my reading of H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale.

"...One life—Ephraim, Asenath, and Edward—who now? I will not be driven out of my body . . . I will not change souls with that bullet-ridden lich in the madhouse!"

I wanted to do something subtle with this one, to get away from the giant monsters for a change and try to imply something disturbing and dark through the contrasting facial expressions of the characters in the mundane setting of a University common room - perhaps my Asinath Derby is a shade melodramatic here - lol. but it was fun to paint. :)

The Thing on the Doorstep - written by H.P.Lovecraft - is the 8th Episode of Savage Bites series - 'Masters of Weird' volume 1. A new anthology exploring influential literary works in the horror and weird fiction genre.